Freska Produce International's Tom Hall Provides an Exclusive Look Into The Mango Market

Freska Produce International's Tom Hall Provides an Exclusive Look Into The Mango Market

Although I am still mourning the cancelation of my tropical vacation this past summer, one thing has helped me live my full island fantasy—mangos. With my intake of the sweet fruit at an all-time high, I was excited to be able to sit down with Tom Hall, Sales Manager at Freska Produce International, to get some insights into the current mango market.

“We began the transition from Ecuador into Peru at the beginning of January,” explains Tom. “During the transition, volumes will be lower overall but will start ramping up out of Peru toward the third or fourth week of January. As the Ecuadorian season is ending more abruptly than previous years, market conditions will be stronger than past seasons as Peru is off to a slower start.”

As the transition takes place, Tom tells me that there will be a variety shift from Tommy mangos to Kent mangos, which will become dominant as the season moves forward. Freska anticipates that the Peruvian peak will be quick, leading into the start of the transition to Mexico. Arriving at the end of January, the Mexican season will start with the Ataulfo mango variety, which will increase in volume as February begins.

“Retailers should look forward to promotions continuing throughout January and February as the Kent and Ataulfo varieties become more available,” says Tom. “Both varieties are well known for their great taste and flavor profile compared to other varieties.”

Along with steady volumes, Tom tells me that retailers should keep an eye out for Freska’s wide variety of packaging styles. With trends continuing to change across the grocery space, the company is offering packaging ideas to meet the demands of the COVID marketplace. Additionally, the company is looking for innovative ways to help retailers lower their environmental impact and carbon footprint through its packaging by increasing reusability and recyclability.

As cold winter weather continues here in the northern hemisphere, add Freska’s mangos to your produce aisle to give shoppers everywhere a vacation, even if it’s just their tastebuds taking a tropical trip.