Frozen Yogurt-Dipped Mango Pops

Frozen Yogurt-Dipped Mango Pops
Servings: 15 min.
Prep Time: 15 min.

2 large ripe mangos

1 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

2 tablespoons honey


mini chocolate chips

salted cashews


toasted coconut 


12 lollipop sticks

wax paper


1. With a sharp knife, slice off the sides of the mango, avoiding the large seed in the middle.

2. Cut parallel slices into the mango halves to dice, being careful not to cut through the skin.

3. Scoop the mango cubes out of the mango skin using a spoon and skewer each mango cube onto a lollipop stick.

4. In a bowl, stir to combine the yogurt and honey.

5. Dip each mango into the yogurt until coated.

6. You may need to use a spoon to help spoon yogurt onto the mango cubes evenly.

7. Sprinkle desired toppings onto each mango cube and place mango cubes on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.

8. Place in the freezer until mangos are slightly frozen and yogurt has set, 1 to 2 hours. Serve.


Nutritional analysis per serving (1 mango pop without toppings): Calories 55; Protein 2g; Carbohydrates 12g; Fat 0g; 0% Calories from Fat; Cholesterol 1mg; Sodium 8mg; Potassium 123mg; Fiber 1g

Recipe and image courtesy of the National Mango Board (